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outdoor lighting fixture maintenance charleston sc

If you notice you’re not getting a perfect lighting level on one of your fixtures, simply call us and we’ll fix it right away.

During the winter months most people spend much less time outside. Because of this, you could be overlooking your outdoor lighting fixtures’ overall performance. While our fixtures are all of the highest quality copper and brass, and are going to do nearly all the work for you when it comes to operating at their full capacity, it is important every once in a while to simply take a look at your home’s lighting fixtures. By simply walking outside both in the evening when the lights are on, and checking them in the daylight, you can help locate areas where either damage has occurred or the lighting simply is not being emitted as strongly as it should.

outdoor lighting maintenance charleston sc

Did you accidentally run over your lighting fixture with the lawnmower? Don’t worry, we can fix it within a day!

There are many reasons why your fixture(s) could be operating under full capacity or not at all. Whether while performing yard work you accidentally knocked a fixture out of alignment, or you have animals burrowing underground and fraying wiring, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can resolve your outdoor lighting fixture problem. If you’re signed up with our maintenance package we will make yearly trips to your home to replace bulbs, straighten out fixtures which were knocked out of alignment, check the transformer and repair any damaged or inoperable wiring. We will even trim plant overgrowth that is impeding your lighting from displaying at its best. Simply put, we want to ensure your home’s outdoor lighting looks just as good as the day we installed it all year round.
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Make sure your outdoor lighting system is clear of debris.

If your outdoor lighting was installed by another company, you can still depend on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston to help you troubleshoot and ultimately resolve any and all your outdoor lighting fixture issues. We are unique in that, unlike other companies in our area, we will perform repair service on another company’s lighting fixtures. In fact, it is something we do quite often. If a customer calls us with a lighting fixture issue, we will handle the issue within 24-48 hours. If you need assistance with any of your home’s outdoor lighting fixtures, whether installed originally by us or not, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can fill out the form to the upper right, email us at, or call us at (843) 412-5874.


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