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Outdoor lighting makes your home warm and welcoming as nights get longer.

Outdoor lighting makes your home warm and welcoming as nights get longer.

The countdown has started! The kids have just one more week of freedom then it’s back to school. You’re probably finishing up back-to-school shopping. Pencils, notebooks, jackets, and shoes – all of these items make us think of changing leaves, cool nights, and shorter days. You may have already noticed nighttime is coming earlier, and it’s darker when your alarm goes off in the morning. It’s only a matter of time before we are coming home from work, practice, or a dinner out to a dark house, and that prospect is dreary and foreboding. Even the kids know that the dark is spooky. They reach for the light. You should too. Fall is the perfect time to install outdoor lighting.


Even in the city, a lot can lurk in the shadows – uneven pavement, toys that were left outdoors, and that step that’s never quite been the right height. All of these can send you sprawling, but outdoor lighting reveals trip hazards that can be in your path and help you and your family avoid accidents ending with ER visits. Charleston outdoor lighting also helps keep unsavory characters away from your home. Whether their intentions are to break in or simply destroy property, these people tend to target homes that are dark and shadowed because their activities are more likely to go unnoticed.


Be sure you can see any obstructions in your path ways and entryways.

Be sure you can see any obstructions in your path ways and entryways.

Not only can Charleston outdoor lighting keep you safe and help prevent accidents, it transforms the atmosphere of your property. Rather than being gloomy and unapproachable, your home shines warmth and welcome to all who approach. The beautiful glow around your porch will raise your spirits after a long day while dramatic landscape lighting enchants and soothes. Charleston outdoor lighting provides functional visibility while highlighting the best features of your property and elevating its look.


Days are already growing shorter, and there are more dark hours. Be sure that your property looks its best this fall, no matter the hour, by putting outdoor lighting on your back-to-school list. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston today. Our designers will create an outdoor lighting system that is unique to your property. We will even allow you to preview the design at night before you make any commitment. Your home doesn’t have to be dark and cold. Let it turn heads and shine all year long.



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