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Just before the 4th of July – one of the biggest days of the year when SC beach-goers flock to Charleston – Hurricane Arthur threatened the coast with 90mph winds and waves reaching 8 feet on our shores. Fortunately, the majority of damaging effects just missed our holiday weekend. However, our Charleston and southern Georgetown communities ended up being the heaviest hit in South Carolina, which is why we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston are encouraging our clients to take a look at their Charleston outdoor lighting and make sure Arthur didn’t leave a lasting impression.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston, outdoor lighting fixtures are built to last. We only use the highest quality materials, such as copper-plated fixtures that are designed to react with the elements and develop a gorgeous patina finish rather than fading or chipping away over time. Our Charleston outdoor lighting fixtures are also some of the best when it comes to enduring the humidity and salty ocean air we experience almost year-round down here in Charleston.

However, any time we experience hurricane-level wind gusts and heavy rains, it’s important to inspect your outdoor lighting system and make sure it’s holding up as expected. Arthur is no exception. Here are a few things to look for that could indicate you’re in need of Charleston outdoor lighting repairs:

  • Bent or twisted fixtures. While heavy rains and strong winds are often enough to yank some pieces out of their proper places on their own, the biggest threat is what’s already in your yard. Patio furniture, yard decorations or debris and tree limbs can come loose in a storm and bang up your home and your Charleston outdoor lighting. Repairs may range from tweaking bent or twisted pieces to completely replacing the entire fixture. If you experienced damage from debris in the storm, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston a call today for a professional inspection. We’ll make sure your entire system is up to grade.

    Check your Charleston outdoor system for fixtures that may have been damaged by strong winds and flying debris.

  • Broken bulbs. Similarly, if some debris got knocked around in your yard due to Arthur, there’s a chance some of it crashed into your outdoor lighting bulbs. If this is the case, you’ll require Charleston outdoor lighting repairs immediately. In addition to making that bulb and fixture completely useless as part of your overall system, broken bulbs are a serious safety concern as they can lead to electrical fires and injury. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston today if you see any broken bulbs in your Charleston outdoor lighting system, and we’ll get you set up with newer, safer pieces for your home.
  • Changes in balance and overall designs. Lastly, Charleston outdoor lighting repairs come in all shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t have to be an emergency to call a professional. Does anything look a little off to you since Hurricane Arthur landed on our shores? If something just doesn’t look right or your lighting balance seems all wrong, it’s possible your fixtures have been bumped or there may be other problems at play. An experience outdoor lighting professional is best suited to evaluate the Charleston outdoor lighting repairs your system requires.

    Outdoor lighting bulbs are also susceptible to hurricane damage and may require professional repairs.

Get outside this week and take another look at your Charleston outdoor lighting fixtures. If you find any signs of Arthur in your home, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston a call today. We’ll handle your Charleston outdoor lighting repairs quickly and easily and make sure your home has the same captivating look and lighting balance as the first day your system was first installed.

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