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fireworks_CharlestonAre you ready for Friday? Cookouts, fun with family on the beach, flags, and of course fireworks will probably be the talk of the day, especially the fireworks. You’ll probably discuss them over Saturday’s brunch – how they lit up the night sky, their showers of sparks and light, the colors you liked best. Fireworks, no matter the time of year, always make us pause and watch. Why? Of course, the sound of explosions arrests our attention, but what makes us stay a while is light and contrast. As sparks rain down from a dark sky, they illuminate the world around us and change how we see it. It is different and familiar all at once, and it’s undeniably magical. Wouldn’t it be nice if that effect could last? Well with outdoor lighting, it can.


Areas of highlight and shadow are what make landscape lighting and fireworks so awe inspiring.

Areas of highlight and shadow are what make landscape lighting and fireworks so awe inspiring.

You may be wondering how outdoor lighting can accomplish this. After all, it doesn’t (shouldn’t!) explode. But like fireworks, outdoor lighting creates dramatic contrasts and areas of light and shadow. Outdoor lighting will also make your landscape look both different and the same, as light from various sources bathes your trees, shrubs, gardens, and grounds. The areas of contrast and light from various sources are what make fireworks and outdoor lighting so captivating. And best of all, outdoor lighting will last night-after-night, year-after-year.


Make your trees and gardens pop with landscape lighting.

Make your trees and gardens pop with landscape lighting.

So what are some areas in your landscape that outdoor lighting can transform? Imagine your trees dressed in dramatic uplighting that highlights texture and creates striking shadows. Bathed in natural light from path lights or well lights, you can suddenly see your flowers’ true colors again, and those colors are not muddied by coloring in the light itself. Your sitting areas beckon, and your water feature glistens while it gurgles and splashes. Such beauty will have you and your guests lingering and soaking it all in – just like fireworks.


So what are you waiting for? After Friday night, the fireworks will be gone until the new year rolls around in January, but it doesn’t have to be that long until you feel the same sense of awe. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston today. We would love to show you first-hand, through a nighttime demonstration, just what a difference outdoor lighting can make. We can’t wait to hear from you, and have a happy, safe 4th of July!



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