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If you’ve spent the time and money to decorate your home with gorgeous, unique sculptures or other pieces of art, make sure they’re beautifully lit up at night with a one-of-a-kind lighting design to match by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston.

The right outdoor lighting illuminates the landscaping around your feature.

Water features require professional outdoor lighting design to look great after dark.

Many of our clients have large sculptures, water fountains or other large pieces as one of the major centerpieces in their yards. Depending on the size and location of your pieces, our experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston can help you craft a unique design to bring them out and really make them shine long after the sun has gone down.

Consider how one or two precisely placed outdoor accent lights can bring out the texture and elegantly sculpted details of your favorite works of art. We’ll help you evaluate the best angles and distances to capture the most impressive looks for your home and yard.

Charleston Sculpture lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston helps you evaluate your outdoor art and craft a professional and flattering outdoor lighting design.

In addition to accent lighting, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston landscape lighting can help enhance the overall effect your sculptures have on your property. Our experts can help you craft an elegant backdrop for your most striking sculptures by dressing up your yard with beautiful professional landscape lighting in Charleston. You’ll be amazed at how much depth this simple design trick adds to your property. By highlighting the main attractions – your sculptures and other works of art – and casting a soft glow in the background with professional Charleston landscape lighting, we’ll easily give your home and yard the balance and polished look you didn’t know you were missing.

Have sculptures in your pool or pond? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston offers gorgeous sculpture lighting solutions for you as well.  Water features likes these are meant to shine after dark. Sure, they already look impressive during the day, but if you haven’t invested in outdoor water feature lighting in Charleston, you’re only getting half the value out of these magnificent pieces. Consider how a few touches of subtle lighting instantly transforms your pool area or pond from a dark, shadowy body of water into a magnificent main attraction, with carefully crafted beams of light cascading over waterfalls and subtle accent lights illuminating your gorgeous water fountains, pond statues and other outdoor works of art.

Don’t let these pieces that give your home so much personality get lost in the dark. Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Charleston today to schedule your consultation and show off your favorite works of art around the clock with beautiful, professional outdoor lighting.

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